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How to apply

Next audition days

Please phone 01845 597627 or email for more details.

Step one

YYM at work

Read the Who’s it for? section on this website, to find out whether the approach to learning music offered by YYM is right for you (or your pupil or offspring if you are a teacher or parent!). If you think it is, then move on to Step Two. If you are not sure, why not contact YYM direct, or ask for an advice audition? Phone: 01845 597627; Click here to email.

Step Two

Download an application form from the website, ring 01845 597627 or email to request one to be sent in the post. The form asks for basic details about yourself (name and address etc) as well as for information about your current musical capabilities.

Step Three

YYM at work

When you have completed all sections of part 1 of the application form and had it signed by your parent/carer, send it off to Yorkshire Young Musicians, PO Box 127, Thirsk, North Yorkshire YO7 2WX.

Step Four

YYM at work

Give part 2 of the form to your current teacher, and ask him/her to complete it and post it to YYM at the same address.

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All prospective students for Yorkshire Young Musicians (YYM) will be expected to attend an audition.  This will normally be before a panel of two people.

You should be prepared to perform two pieces of contrasting style on your first instrument (about ten minutes) and one piece on your second instrument if you have one.

The panel will be looking for signs of musical talent and promise regardless of the applicant’s level of technical accomplishment.

For this reason, you should choose your audition pieces carefully.  It is better to play something with which you feel totally comfortable rather than a piece which stretches your current ability and therefore has a “risk” factor.

Before the audition you will have a chance for a warm-up (but not a terribly long one, so practising for a while before you leave home is still a good idea). During this time, if you have asked for an accompanist, they will come and run through your pieces with you. Remember to bring your accompaniment / piano parts!

In your audition, if you can play from memory then it would be a good idea to do so, but only if you feel comfortable doing this.

If the panel have come to a decision they may not hear the whole of your pieces. Do not be put off by this as it is quite normal.

Musicianship tests will take place after you have played, but usually in a group situation. In the group session you will be asked to do various movements to music so wear suitable clothes and shoes for moving in (girls are better off in trousers).

A music stand will be provided but if you require any special equipment you should bring this with you or speak to the Director of YYM well in advance of the audition.

You will be notified of the result within two weeks of the audition date.

The panel will want to have a chat with you to discuss your ideas and hopes for your musical career. Above all, we want this to be a good opportunity for you to perform so try to keep relaxed and ENJOY IT!