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YYM at work
  • YYM was established in 2004 to provide advanced training for exceptionally talented young musicians aged between 8 and 18 within the Yorkshire and Humber region. It aims to enable specialist young musicians in the region to benefit from the highest quality tuition in their locality, rather than having to travel long distances or go away to school
  • It is overseen by a unique partnership comprising Opera North, Leeds College of Music and all sixteen local authority music services in the Yorkshire and Humber region.
  • Its director is Penny Stirling.
  • It currently operates every Sunday at two centres; one in Leeds at Leeds College of Music and the other at Albemarle Music Centre in Hull.
  • YYM provides specialist (one-to-one) instrumental tuition and advance general musicianship training across a wide range of musical genres and traditions
  • It is an inclusive scheme, available to all who can benefit, regardless of their means, social or ethnic background, or whether they have any disability. Government financial support is available ensuring that this opportunity is within everyone’s reach. Students can get government support not only for their fees, but sometimes also for such elements as instrument and travel costs. The only restrictions stem from the need for all participants to possess the very high levels of musicianship and commitment required to benefit from the scheme, and by the availability of suitable specialist tuition.